2018 empowHER parent session

Friday evening

Bounceback Parenting:
Alissa Marquess

Alissa Marquess, mom of three and author of "Bounceback Parenting," will help you see the challenges in parenting as opportunities for growth and building resilience. You’ll discover why connection — not perfection — wins the day, and you’ll be relieved to find you can be a work in progress and still be a fantastic parent to your kids.


Alissa calls herself a "work in progress" as a parent. "Over time I discovered I could enjoy parenting more and develops strong bonds with my kids by shifting my thinking. I began to develop a growth mindset about parenting – realizing that as parents we’re always learning. There’s no shame in not knowing the answer yet, and the only thing you want to avoid is closing yourself off to growth. I like to say: I am a work in progress, I am home." 

Parents and guardians who register to stay for Friday evening's session will receive a signed copy of Alissa's book.

Alissa Marquess is the mother of three and the founder and author of Bounceback Parenting.
She helps parents build loving, resilient relationships with their kids. She has a built a large and loyal community of readers across many social media platforms.
"What I didn’t know at the beginning of this journey is that parenting would be the ultimate training in resilience. I had to learn to bounce back over and over again when I would stumble, and I’ve stumbled a lot."

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