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healthy relationships

Healthy Relationships: Because You Are OH-SO Worth It:
Erin Roberts

Please note: This session is for 8th- and 9th-grade girls only on Friday evening. 

Dating can be fun and carefree, but being able to tell whether or not a relationship is healthy can be really difficult. Erin Roberts, executive director for End Violent Encounters (EVE), will discuss what healthy relationships look like, what makes a relationship healthy and warning signs for teen dating violence.


The fact is, one in three teens in the U.S. will be in an abusive or unhealthy relationship, so we will make sure girls leave this workshop knowing how to spot when something is not right and how to help a friend who might be in an unhealthy relationship. Because no matter what, we know you and your friends deserve healthy relationships!

Erin Roberts is being joined by Kim Kaiser to present this session.

Erin Roberts is the executive director and CEO of EVE, Inc. She has been working in the realm of domestic and sexual violence for more than 10 years.


Erin earned her bachelor's degree in psychology and Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW) from Michigan State University. She is fueled by her passion for social justice and her drive for individual empowerment and community strength. She has a firm belief that at the base of each individual lies the opportunity and strength to thrive and overcome adversity. Erin and her wife, Sara, and their two kids live in East Lansing.

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