empowHER session 3: self-care

A Self-Care Zine Workshop for Tweens and Teens:
Tashmica Torok & Katie Livingston


Loving yourself is an act of bravery. Join Tashmica in an artistic exploration of how you can create a brave-and-zen (brazen!) regimen of self-love, practice mindfulness and amplify your love for your body, mind and spirit. 


This workshop is built around the idea that no one can love you like you can. You know what feels like love when you do something for yourself. We will take those actions and build a regimen of self-love around them that you can draw from whenever you need it. Your regimen may include meditation, outdoor activities, cooking, sports — whatever feels like love for YOU. We'll also discuss boundaries and how you can love your body every day.


Take what you learn about self-care and create a one-page mini-zine. Carry it around in your back pocket to remind yourself that you deserve your love. Make copies, or put it online to share with friends if you'd like. The zine-making part of the workshop will give you access to paper, pens, scissors, magazines, stencils and glue to make your own mini-zine. You will bring your own voice, creativity, memories and joy to the zine-making process. 

Tashmica Torok is a nationally recognized survivor activist working to end child sexual abuse. She is a powerhouse fundraiser and movement maker who has raised thousands of dollars and countless volunteer hours in support of her work.


As the executive director of The Firecracker Foundation, she incites riots of generosity and advocates for the healing of children and families every day.


Tashmica is the kind of friend who always encourages you to do more. She's a published storyteller and a nearly retired roller derby skater. She's also the mother of three boys, wife to a talented tile installer and a behind-the-scenes volunteer.

Katie Livingston is a storyteller and community-based artist and organizer. She earned her Ph.D. in rhetoric and writing from Michigan State University in 2015.


Katie sits on the board of directors of the Firecracker Foundation, where she acts as the advocacy committee co-chair. She is also a contemporary circus performer with Violet & Fortuna, an acrobatic storytelling collaboration.

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