empowHER session 4: loud & proud

Loud & Proud: Self-Care for Girls:
Ana Holguin & Theresa Rosado


This workshop will focus on understanding the need for self-care to help us better experience, love and enjoy our bodies.


We will question where our concepts of "good" and "bad" bodies come from and think of empowering ways to fight back against hurtful body thoughts for ourselves and others. Together we'll produce shareable art to teach others and express our ideas with the world.

Ana Holguin is a writer, artist, yoga teacher, and doggie caretaker. She taught English and writing for 10 years and loves getting people excited about expressing themselves, being curious and empowering themselves through learning.
Pop culture, her two grumpy wiener dogs and Care Bear-style kindness invigorate her. She's a smart, nice, funny person who likes to get into pretzel postures a lot. 

Theresa Rosado is a freelance journalist, artist and photographer. In the summer, she grows colorful and monstrous tomatoes and chases tornadoes. She enjoys sharing ideas and loves making creative environments.


She’s worked as a librarian, harvested grapes, does her own electrical and plumbing repairs and fixes her own car on occasion. In high school, she took shop instead of home economics.

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